Monday, January 10, 2011

Skins and more Skins...Skins Skins :-)

Hi everybody and a Happy New year!

We would like to welcome in the new year with some fresh beautiful skins. If you are looking for a change then one of these skins has to be right for you. They are superb value because there are soooo many skins included in the one sale. Firstly you have a flawless skin as the base, this comes with different toned eyebrows to match your haircolour perfectly, then you have an option of having a skin with freckles, a beautyspot, cleavage or non cleavage! There is also a pubic region that can be bare or a landing strip. An added bonus is a shape included to complete the look as you see in the picture. All of this without the need for tattoo layers or using shirt layers.
This truly is a bargain for such quality made skins and the first of the new line up is as follows:

Scarlett 2 Tan

Scarlett 1 Tan

Naturelle Tan

Mystique Tan

Moda 4 Light Tan

Moda 3 Light Tan

Moda 2 Light Tan

Moda 1 light Tan

Faith Tan

FairyTale Tan

So there are the new skins to start with. Dont forget, just because they dont come with a heavy price or are not "big name skins" doesnt mean you cant have a beautiful quality skin :-) Try a demo now instore.

Have fun and happy days

Nikki and Georg xxxx

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