Monday, January 31, 2011

G&N in V for Valentine’s day hunt

Hi everybody, Its hunt time again :-)

This year for Valentines we are participating in the V for Valentine's Hunt
You have to seek out the letter V in the stores to find your gift. Ours is simple enough to find and a clue is its near the preview gift :-)

This year we have broke away from the trend of reds and pinks as even though its a traditional enough colour for Valentines Day by the time the hunter gets to our gift they may already be tired of the same old colours. We wont be doing lingerie either, we think that will also be a trend that will be saturating the hunt. What we have gone for is something that is chic, stylish and can be worn on many occasions. Its a cocktail style dress complete with Hat, shoes, underchest sash, ruffle prim to the edge of the skirt and a sculpty necklace. The shoes come with a hud to change the skin colours and nail colours and also to resize, it however does not change the shoe colouring or texture.

So here is a preview of our gift which shall be available to hunt for from the 1st February until the 28th.

Please enjoy and have lots of fun at this hunt

Georg and Nikki xxxxx

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Britta pantset~

Hi everybody, hope you are all keeping well. That time of the week again where we have our new preview gift up. Please enjoy, this stylish number was made by Georg and I am sure you shall love it. Its a lovely Pantset with a textured bow featured at the front of the Jacket, including Undertop, Pants, Boots and Hat. All layers included for maximum flexibility in your wardrobe.

This is free until the 13th of February.

Cheers and Happy days

Nikki and Georg xxxx

Monday, January 10, 2011

Last days of SALE~ 50% OFF!!!!

Until the end of Wednesday 12th Jan SL time you still have a chance to run into G&N Quality Design and grab anything from the ground floor for a 50% discount on marked price. This includes Pantsets, skins, fur coats, new designs and lots more.

A wonderful way to try our already bargain priced, quality items for even less.

Nikki and Georg xxx

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Mariah Jeans Set and a new design~

Well its time for our new fortnightly preview gift to be put out. This fortnight is a stylish Jeans set. As always, so many flexible layers are included, even allowing you to wear the jacket and undertop in one layer saving you layers for your other clothes. The undertop is included for modesty around the belly and the jacket is a pretty in pink short blazer style.

There are two pairs of jeans included here, one has some rips for a more urban look and then there are the jeans without the rips. Both have a lovely textured belt to add the realistic charms without the need for a prim belt that may float around the waist looking quite silly really. So this is a one size fits all kind of belt :-)

This is available from the 9th Jan until 23rd Jan SL time.

Also available in the shop is a new design, Bonita High waisted Pantset which comes in two colour co ordinations. Both have a lovely scarf and sculpty Sleeves included and is a very stylish and chic addition to your wardrobe.

Please enjoy and take care

Nikki and Georg xxxx

Skins and more Skins...Skins Skins :-)

Hi everybody and a Happy New year!

We would like to welcome in the new year with some fresh beautiful skins. If you are looking for a change then one of these skins has to be right for you. They are superb value because there are soooo many skins included in the one sale. Firstly you have a flawless skin as the base, this comes with different toned eyebrows to match your haircolour perfectly, then you have an option of having a skin with freckles, a beautyspot, cleavage or non cleavage! There is also a pubic region that can be bare or a landing strip. An added bonus is a shape included to complete the look as you see in the picture. All of this without the need for tattoo layers or using shirt layers.
This truly is a bargain for such quality made skins and the first of the new line up is as follows:

Scarlett 2 Tan

Scarlett 1 Tan

Naturelle Tan

Mystique Tan

Moda 4 Light Tan

Moda 3 Light Tan

Moda 2 Light Tan

Moda 1 light Tan

Faith Tan

FairyTale Tan

So there are the new skins to start with. Dont forget, just because they dont come with a heavy price or are not "big name skins" doesnt mean you cant have a beautiful quality skin :-) Try a demo now instore.

Have fun and happy days

Nikki and Georg xxxx