Thursday, February 2, 2012

G&N ......Lots to catch up on :-)

Hi everybody and hope your keeping well. It has been once again too long that I posted. RL has once again been hectic but as you shall see below we have still been able to keep the shop updated over Chrissy and the New Year.
I wont go on too much as I am sure you would like to look at the pics of the delicious designs we have waiting for you at our store and in the Marketplace. The pictures really do speak for themselves so no description is really needed.
I have started firstly with this weeks Free preview gift. This can be picked up (free :-)) for a few more days yet and is a complete outfit, shoes and all. Followed by the free outfit is a sample of the new outfits to be got and I must also add some instore favourites have also been updated to include extras, so worth a look there too. After the pics I have included the link to the store and also our Marketplace store as most things can be bought there too.
So for now please take care and Happy days
Nikki and Georg xxx

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