Sunday, July 27, 2008

In Celebration of our wedding anniversary!

July the 21st saw my SL Husband Georg and I celebrate our First Wedding Anniversary. We met in April 2007 and were married in the July of that year. We have had a wonderful time together and are deeply in love both in SL and RL. We hope to unite in RL to seal our love forever.
It was only fitting that we did a display themed on this. We have captured our 15 months together (certainly not enough of it) in a video screen placed behind our display which also features some of our wedding items. It certainly brought some wonderful memories back to us as we prepared this.
As you might (or might not) know, each week we offer a free gift, designed absolutely brand new or from the shop. Its always worth checking out and Georg puts some wonderful thought and labor into our displays.
Of course this weeks free gift was a wedding Dress :-)
It makes a lovely formal Ballroom gown without the veil :-)

The display is a labor of love and our committment to each other

This display will be up for a few more days as we prepare our next one and the dress is available until Tuesday 30th July.
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