Thursday, January 8, 2009

Australia Day Celebrations :-)

Hello everyone

Australia Day is coming up here (January 26) It is a big day in Aussieland for us and we have a Public Holiday. The highlight of the day is that each city in Australia holds a massive Fireworks display once the sun sets. Here in Perth it is held on the Swan River and there are many vantage points from all around the river.

Kings Park, The Esplanade and the South Perth foreshore are the favoured spots. Thousands and thousands of city dwellers turn out for this, many starting in the early hours of the morning to secure a good viewing spot and to enjoy a fun family picnic day.

A little bit of history on Australia Day (compliments of wikipedia :-))

Australia Day, also known as Anniversary Day, Foundation Day and Invasion Day, is the official national day of Australia. Celebrated annually on 26 January, the day commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788, marking the start of British colonisation of Australia. Australia Day is an official public holiday in every state and territory of Australia, and is marked by the Order of Australia and Australian of the Year awards, along with an address from the Prime Minister.
Records of the celebration of Australia Day date back to 1808, with Governor Lachlan Macquarie having held the first official celebration of Australia Day in 1818. In 2004, an estimated 7.5 million people attended Australia Day celebrations and functions across the country.

Australia Day is often seen as controversial by historians of English humanity. Victorians have long argued that Discovery Day, which used to be held on April 19, should have interceded Anzac Day rather than merged with the anniversary of (national) government. Some Indigenous Australians see it as a political celebration and have protested 'Invasion Day' and the destruction of their cultures by British colonialism since 1988.

So here at G&N Quality Design of course, our display has to be very Australian :-)

At the free gift area where we always do our displays you will find this display full of very reasonably priced goodies to help celebrate this day. We have tops, outfits, hats, akubras, jewellery, shoes among other items.
Here are some samples (but not limited to) what is available:

Please enjoy and *Happy Australia Day*
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