Tuesday, January 27, 2009

~New Free Gift of the week & Valentines Day display~

Hello everyone
Hope you are all keeping well and Happy Australia Day from us to you :-)
The new free gift of the week is up and running and is a nice summery flavour (well it is summer here in Aussie :P) Lots of new designs have been added with Georg even getting in on the act now (he is enjoying designing some of the ladies wear too :-)) So take a look around, I will be posting pictures very soon of our latest.

We have also started our Valentines Day display, its only a little over 2 weeks away so dont forget to buy for that special someone in your life. We have some nice jewellery and outfits and the particle emitters which emit hearts are for sale too.

Please enjoy, Have fun and keep safe and well
Georg & Nikki xxx
G&N Quality Design Pepita 25, 135, 21

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