Monday, April 19, 2010

New direction for G&N ..SKINS!!! :-)

Hi everybody and hope you are keeping well.

This is an exciting new week for us as we have entered into skin designing. We felt this would be a wonderful addition to the G&N design range because we can offer affordable, lovely looking skins including a shape at an affordable price keeping in line with our pricing policy.

I would like to give Sezmra Svarog a big hug and thankyou for giving us the opportunity to learn from her open source templates. I would also like to thank my wonderful business partner and husband Georg for taking the time to make the lovely sellboxes for me.

The new skins have been lovingly created by Nikki Heron and as mentioned comes with a shape to complete the look as you see it. You will find two skins in all colours, one has the landing strip pubic area and one has the bare pubic area. You can buy the skins for Dark Brows, Medium brows and Light brows to compliment various hair colours.

Both skin and shape are modify/copy for your convenience and may I suggest you do a back up copy if you choose to modify, just incase things go wrong ;-)

Below are pics of the first of our skin range called simply "Summer Skins" as we feel they reflect summer perfectly with the fresh pastel makeup kept to a minimum.

The skintone here is the lighter

The skintone here is the darker

Keep an eye out for our "Smouldering" skin range, coming soon.

Have fun, enjoy and Happy Days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

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