Monday, April 26, 2010

Smouldering Skins

Hi everybody
We have been busy this week for sure and have a new line of skins out. These are a more smouldering look in the makeup making them perfect evening wear. I wasn't entirely happy with the beige skins from my last lot, I felt they were rather matt looking so the new replacements in the "Tan" (as seen in the pics below) have had some nice shining added. We are already working on the next line and hope to move the skins to a bigger area as our range grows.
At L$200 you get a quality skin at a bargain price, you get the skin tone of your choice, with or without pubic hair and a choice of dark, medium and light eyebrows to wear. A shape is included as well. All are modify and copy.

Smouldering 1

Smouldering 2
Smouldering 3

Smouldering 4

Available now at our main shop in
Take care
Nikki and Georg xxx

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