Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weekly free preview Design ~Erin~ and some more :-)

Hello again everybody, Hope your keeping well and had a lovely easter. As many prepare for warmer weather we here in the great southern land are preparing for our colder weather which again brings about the challenge of designing clothes that feel strange to imagine wearing :-) All designers are letting loose with spring releases where I imagine the Autumn hues and tones and styles. But, I didn't give into temptation and have designed a flowery springtime outfit for our free weekly preview gift along with 2 new designs.
Erin is a skirt set with a flower featured top and comes in all layers for flexibility. Shoes are included and it is available for free until Sunday 11th April SL time.

Another colourful outfit is Amelia Jeans set with purple toned jeans that have a textured belt revealed when the top is worn in short style and a sky blue top. Again all layers available. Boots are Komplimente von Georg :-)
Ok, maybe I did give in a little to Autumn tones here, we have a lovely gold off shoulder top and red capri jeans. Textured belt upon the top and sculpty cuffs for the capri's.
These are available now at our store in Pepita at
Cheers and Happy days
Nikki and Georg xxx

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